Short and Trendy Haircuts for Kids

It can be difficult to manage their little one's long tresses for working moms. Tangles, frizz, lice, dry hair etc are difficult to manage considering your young ones active life. Most parents resort to convenience of short haircuts for kids. However in recent times, the challenge has been to come up with stylish haircuts which are easily manageable and at the same time be within the norms of school's dress code. (Note: Most of the schools have clear instructions on how the hair needs to be worn). So parents, don't stress yourselves, just read along to see what wonderful options you have for your little prince/ princess.

Girls have more variety than boys when it comes to haircuts let's have a look at few of them

Short haircut that can be stylized by using a razor finish to give a sharp look. Based on preferences, you can add layers to get volume and bounce.

This is shoulder length haircut which creates multiple layers from crown to tips. These layers are blow-dried outwards to form lovely curls. This haircut is suited for kids with less dense hair.

This is the best cut to beat the summers. Crew cut is extremely short where the length of the hair is less than an inch. Well, if your boy loves WWE, coax him into this haircut citing john cena's example.

Spike cut can be created in various versions where you have a buzz cut with a front spike or a mushroom cut with spikes all over. Please remember that spikes can be achieved with use of hair sprays and gels hence try keeping hair short to get desired effect

You can constantly innovate with your kids' hair styles to keep them happy. Just ensure that the haircut is easy to maintain and your kid is comfortable with his/her look. All the best!

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