Cute Short Hair Cut Styles

Many modern women prefer wearing their hair cut short, especially those who don't have a good deal of time to spend styling and caring for longer hair. These examples of short hair cuts are attractive, flattering, and require minimal daily upkeep:

Bobs are cute short hair cut styles that have been worn by women for generations. The bob hair cut is typically chin-length to shoulder-length and is a great choice for those who desire a short haircut with plenty of volume.

Pixie hair cuts are cropped styles that lie close to the scalp. This type of short cut works best for women with oval or heart-shaped faces and small, defined cheekbones. Pixie hair styles are typically very short at the ears and neck, with layers of varying length at the crown.

Cute short hair cut styles with spikes are ideal for bold and adventurous women who enjoy standing out in a crowd. Ranging from very short to several inches in length, spiked hair styles can be shaped into a dramatic "punk" look or worn in a more subtle manner.

Shag hair cuts, which are styled in face-framing layers, can be modified to flatter women of all hair types and bone structures. The shag is perfect for women on the go, as this style is designed to look fashionably tousled and disheveled.

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